Employers' Federation of Building Companies - FPSC

The Employers' Federation of Building Companies - FPSC - was established in 2007 with the purpose of providing an uniform representation of construction companies, supporting and defending the economic, legal and social interests of its members in relation to third parties, improving the enforcement of the legal framework, sharing information and experience, reinforcing the liaison with national and international professional organizations, promoting fair competition, the builders image and role in society.

FPSC has been the only representative organization in the Building and Civil Engineering sector in Romania ever since October 2015.

The Federation is involved in initiating and modifying normative acts, being active in Social Dialogue Committees, Working Groups, Technical Committees.
FPSC has concluded partnerships with ministries, as well as other employers' organizations, trade unions, and higher education institutions in Romania. At the same time, the Federation organizes and participates in national and international events of interest in the field of construction.


FPS, the organization which represents and fights for the builder’s rights and promote the interests of the construction industry in ROMANIA is interested in a long- term cooperation with similar organization from UE.